I tattoo at both Stay Humble Tattoo locations in Hampden

Mon/Tues/Saturday at 801 w 36th St / Chestnut Ave

Wed/Thursday at 1750 Union ave Suite D

Stay Humble Tattoo

 410-235-1234 / 443-869-5119

By appointment only 

(walk ins based on availability)

Flash day Events will be announced on IG

To request an appointment, click here


When scheduling an appointment, 

in the note section please include 

  • what you’d like to get tattooed 
  • potential placement 
  • size 
  • other relevant info 

Email any reference images to

Flash is prioritized, custom designs based on availability/ subject matter

I’m scheduling through this website to facilitate the booking process

Email responses will be forwarded to the link for scheduling so I can focus more time on art and less time on administrative work. 

Emails may take up to a week for a response

For faster replies- please include a summarized subject

 ie: questions on - healing / booking / rescheduling / etc

Previously with scheduling I would hold a deposit, but with the new scheduling system there is only a cancellation fee to cover the work I put into the drawing in case of last minute cancellations / no shows. 

Cancellation policy - 

Clients may reschedule directly through the site up until a week before the appointment. Email if there is an emergency or if you get sick (you should not get tattooed if you’re ill, I prefer we reschedule in this case, but please give me enough notice to fill the appnt time)

If you do not give notice of cancellation you will be charged for the wasted time. 

Tattoos are cash only

Email for pricing info and describe what you’d like to get tattooed for a price quote

What to expect / Process

After requesting an appointment, you’ll receive an email confirmation. 

If I have any questions I will reach out through email

I typically draw for tattoos the day before or morning of the appointment. This helps keep things organized and the design stays fresh in my mind to work more efficiently. 

Any adjustments can be made during the appointment and we can talk over any concerns to make the process most enjoyable and ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Before the appointment I recommend eating a full meal, staying hydrated, showering (you’ll be bandaged overnight * healing instructions further down)
  • Bring clothing that will expose the area easiest (and don’t mind risking around stains from ink/blood)
  • Alcohol/Ibuprofen will make you bleed more - numbing product with lidocaine make the skin more difficult to tattoo

During the appointment we will discuss possible placement options. 

The client always has control over where they would like the tattoo

I will make recommendations to give you the best tattoo possible

I design tattoos to complement the curves, bends and symmetry of your body

If you have a specific placement in mind or have other tattoos in the area, please email a picture to when scheduling the appnt and I will draw it to fit 

During the tattoo, Please feel encouraged to communicate how I can make you more comfortable while you’re experiencing pain. 

Be prepared to sit still in a position where I can best reach your skin.

I encourage breathing techniques to make the process easier- Do not hold your breathe. 

Feel free to bring a stress ball or a book if distractions help.

While twitches are a natural reflex, its mostly a mental response and can usually be managed by focusing on breathing and relaxing from the tension. If the client experiences muscle spasms we can discuss options to relax the tension such as taking a quick break, repositioning etc. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns

I’d like to make this process as pleasant as possible and love hearing feedback. 


There are several healing methods. 

At the end of our appointment we can discuss which method will work best for you. 

Following proper healing methods is crucial to the longevity of your tattoo. 

It takes 2 weeks for tattoos to fully heal.

I will put a bandage on that is recommended to stay on overnight. 

Your body will leak plasma/ink/blood and the bandage will help the tattoo stay clean till the AM

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before removing the bandage
  • Use a mild soap to clean the tattoo under lukewarm water and wash off all the plasma/ink
  • Apply a light amount of coconut oil and work it into the skin to rehydrate
  • Pat dry with a paper towel
  • Wash the tattoo when you shower and whenever it gets dirty (no bathing/stagnant water)
  • Apply coconut oil for the first 3-4 days whenever you wash the tattoo
  • Switch to unscented lotion (fragrance contains alcohol) and use as needed till the tattoo is fully healed. Continue to use lotion for long term skin care 
  • The skin needs to breathe to heal smoothly so less=more 
  • Avoid itching, scratching, tight clothing that rubs on the tattoo. avoid having your fresh tattoo in the sun to avoid drying/fading. Plan beach trips accordingly!!
  • It’s normal for the tattoo to get dry and peel but don’t mess with the skin. Compensate for the dry / itchiness by rehydrating with coconut oil
  • Touch ups are included if client follows proper healing instructions